We, The Weird Humans

i came across a picture in MukaBuku. showing 2 malaysian artists. somewhat i think it's a poster to perhaps a new movie or drama. it was a typical pose really (which also leads me to think of how distorted our minds have become, that we begin to accept this as a norm). they were standing reeally close, and the woman as always, wore revealing clothes.

so what captured my attention was not the picture, but rather the status from that hamba Allah. i dont really remember the exact words, but more or less she questioned. when those kinds of pictures, or any obvious hukum-hukum Allah yang dilanggar are circulating around, nobody really actually bothers to give their say in it. but things like that Majlis Sambutan Tahun Baru that became a hit, so many different people condemns it. this and that is wrong, whereas we do know that most of the things they did didn't go overboard. *defensive much?heheh*

my point here is, it's a typical Syaitoonirrajim's way of diverting us from that rightful path. when we stay silent for obvious sinful things done, but for things that are not, somehow we create commotions, scrutinizing the smallest of details, that are perfectly okay in the first place.


and personally, this is what i learned today. Allah somehow had chosen me to do certain things that are seriously testing my sanity and my faith. (okay, over sikit part sanity tu). so many feelings got involved; anxiety, stressed, confused, excited, worried, you name it.

i was worried of the things that i should do. but Abah's question was easy, am i committing a sin? i said No. then why are you worried? if it's a sin, then go ahead, be worried. if it's not, then all is well. the main point is that i'm still abiding to all His Rules.

that somehow taught me something. i reflected back to how i used to be many years back, when i did things that led me to sins. astaghifirullah. but i don't remember any feelings of being worried at that time. well, yes, maybe to a certain extent it was because i was oblivious to a lot of ilmu.

but somehow i believe that this is how the majority of us humans have turned into. the Weird Humans. when the thing is right, so many thoughts come to mind. of this and that. those was-was feeling whispered by those syaitoonirrojim. yet, when the thing is wrong, eventhough deep down we know it's wrong, those whispers don't come by. most of the time, it's those get-it-over-and-done-with attitude is what we humans opt for.

for example, when you're about to wear a dress that is slightly sexy, you'd thought, okay la. sekali ni je. it's not revealing pun. and that's it. but if we were about to wear something that covers the aurat, that is actually  appropriate, all sorts of thoughts came to mind. nanti nampak baik sangat ke? ke orang cakap tak ikhlas? drastik sangat ke perubahan aku ni? bla bla and bla. 

so i guess sometimes, when we're making decisions; it's easier to make things simple. answer some simple questions. does it abides to Allah's rules or not? is it sinful or not? and when those creepy whispers comes to mind, say Astaghfirullahala'zim instead. because yours truly, the Red Devils army, are doing their best to stop us from doing what is right.

we, are Weird Humans.
yang Haram selalu dipermudahkan.
yang Halal selalu disusahkan.

of course, these things are easier said than done. but it doesn't hurt to remind one another once in a while. :)
susah nak dapat syurga ni kan? haih~~


yours truly,


Iman said...

our perception towards a few things dah distorted XD we're more concern about other ppls perception than the creator..

I think one of my benchmark would be this;
“Righteousness is in good character&morality,and wrongdoing is that which wavers in your soul, and which you dislike people finding out abt”

but if you wanted to wear baju yang sopan and menutup aurat, but found it uncomfortable and would rather not ppl found out abt it because you're afraid they'll say to you "ewahhh tiba-tiba dah jadi muslimah solehah.." -.- teruskan je pakai.. the syaitan never stops whispering, and if he can't convince you, he can make others do it on his behalf..

I noticed you've changed your blog layout a bit.. eh ke dah lama? hehe

salam wbt:)

Atiqah Zainal said...

setuju dgn iman.. :) boleh byg muka iman smbil cakap..hehe

izyan.ariff said...


huhu. true. alhamdulillah if we can go with those basis as our guidelines. but sadly, ramai lagi yang confuse dgn benchmark ni. worrying about their friend's thoughts rather than pleasing Him. sedar tak sedar wallahua'lam.

hehe. dah lame dear. ~~ ^^,

izyan.ariff said...


haha. yan bayang nada and pronounciation iman. hehe ;)

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