a trail of thoughts: the dreamhouse

*click click*
suddenly found myself stalking a friend's album.
(stalking is a too strong word dont you think? whatever)
merely flipping through some of *** house's pictures.
cantik. lawa.
the ones like those in Impiana magazine.
"macam rumah baru."
considering the latest designs, you can tell.

thoughts trailed away;

wonder how Abah + Mama would design theirs.
if they haven't built ours just yet.
abah + mama is unique in a way.
they built their house when they were in their early 30s.
the reason being; "buat rumah lambat-lambat,
by the time siap, semua anak dah takde."
good point, i might add.
not easy to achieve though.
so alhamdulillah for them. and us.
cause we were able to grow up in that house,
with so many memories carved here and there. :)

thoughts trailed away;

i love my home. it's comfy.
*riak kah ini?*
considering it's already a 20-years-old house,
i think mom and dad did a great job designing it.
people thought they renovated though the years.
but no, it has been that way eversince.
although the stuff inside the house do get shuffled around, (and replaced by Mama =,='')
and the concept (pergh) of the interior changes with the years too.

thoughts trailed away;

what would my house be like eh?
white cream? a hint of brownish?
wooden floor. wooden ceiling. island kitchen.
abah and mama influence their children too much i think.
even kakak's home have a similar concept to our home.
wooden furnishing here and there,
most things have "woody" aura in it.
perhaps due to Abah's old job back in Brunei?

thoughts trailed away;

definitely gonna make much use of Abe's talent.
and kak ita too, even though she's not working as one;
cuz im pretty sure she's helping abe out if he were to bring his work back home.
ke tak? hehe~
still remembered abe's little models that he brought home.
coolness. rasa macam nak main Lego.
remembered back in high school how i loved playing the Sims.
with the right cheat-code, i was able to build the houses of my dream!
excited :)

thoughts trailed away;

Rasulullah SAW tidur berlapikkan pelepah kurma, yan.
and he's Allah's most beloved.

no more thoughts.
just istighfar.

*a story to be reminded of. [29:39-40]*

yours truly,

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