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diari seorang yang bermata empat :P sometimes you're frustated with the fact that you cant see far, so you dont appreciate the last remaining 'length' of your vision that you can still see clearly. =,=''


jealous. of how others seems to have a lot in their cup. (btul ke usage 'cup' ni?). jealous. of seeing others going here and there, doing the best they can to contribute to the society. jealous. seeing others helping random people they meet. jealous. seeing others opening up so many opportunities for so many others. i was so jealous of looking at what people were doing, and i forgot to have a look into what I was doing.

it felt like i was wasting away. i felt like i was not working hard. others out there were physically doing things. pergi balik KL. drive situ sini. email macam-macam benda. whilst me? flipping pages of magazines and books only at home with my family. spending time with them. mind you, i  was happy. still am. but it seems not enough. and even when i faced things that got me thinking deep, or read things that i felt like i wanna write it in here straight away and share it with others; i only ended up thinking about it all by myself. why? because i felt like i was too hampeh to share things with others. im not doing much pun. so what's the use of telling others to perk up while all the while im just staying home? 

but i think i was wrong for the past weeks.

a muslim should not be one who dwell about what he/she can't do. 
instead be one who focuses on doing the best of what they can do.

i was being a typical weak human being. who weigh things like humans do. and not leave them for Allah to decide how they should be weighed. thus, i was too busy looking at all the great things that others are doing, forgetting to appreciate the simple things that Allah also asked us to do.

like reminding your sister to stop studying for a while and pray on time. or helping your mama with the laundry, cooking, dishes, kebun and all other house-chores. or ironing dad's baju melayu for masjid. or discussing with mama how we are gonna cure women's biggest enemy: mengumpat. or talking nicely to the lady at the bookstore (whilst sharing with her which religious book she should read) or urut-urut grandma's feet during the weekly tahlil.

the opportunities of doing dakwah doesn't only lie in programmes, or radio shows, or being a columnist in a very cool magazine (yes, im in love with solusi by the way). but it lies also in how you bring yourself in front of the so many people around you. and not necessarily towards specific groups of people like students at school etc. but to everybody that had the chance to meet you and see you every other day. be it your parents, your siblings, your aunts uncles, kawan-kawan adik, the schoolgirls that passes by, the cashier at KB Mall, the jiran-jiran around the house; basically anyone.

these are the people that you meet everyday. some we know, but mostly are random people that we dont know. jadilah orang yang berfaedah untuk everybody else. spread amar makruf & nahi munkar, by just being the best of you; according to sunnah and al-Quran.

bersangka baiklah dengan Allah.

when the door in front of you seems to be closed and locked up, 
remember that there's always another door opening behind you;

so stop being sad and feeling hampeh in front of the closed door, pusing la belakang and walk towards the open door. dont we always know that He is Al-Khaliq? setakat creating doors ni kerja senang je. :) 

ps: if you ended up being a girl who sits at home, then be one who always cheer for friends who are able to go out and about. if you ended up being a wife who sits at home, be one who cheers for mr hubby when he comes home tired after spreading islam. when you ended up being a mom who sits at home, be one who prepare her children well for the outside world full of syaitooon and his gang.

*macam semangat. lols*


yours truly,
one who wants to embrace her path as long as it's not wrong.


Iman said...


yan, iman rasa ni sangat comel and of course something I would love to say out loud but couldnt find the correct words to use ;)

tertarik dengan the idea of being able to use the knowledge we have when interacting with other people each day .. masa dkt kibar, one of the akh/ustaz mention,

"da'i ni ada aura lain sikit.. " huraiannya ialah, da'i2 ni biasa ada daya penarik yang mampu menyebabkan orang2 lain mendekati mereka and disitula kita boleh selitkan2 apa yang kita tahu bila berinteraksi dengan mereka :) even tunjukkan qudwah hasanah (contoh yang baik . ie akhlak) pun elok :) (mungkin bole read further dalam bagaimana menyentuh hati ke?;) )

keep on writing; jangan rasa down2.. banyak je lagi benda yang boleh buat dekat rumah insyaallah kalau tak boleh nak keluar ..

wallahualam :)

*sorry for the manglish used :p

Fazdlin Rahim said...

Salam'alaik yan, :) lama sangat tak updates with you but i believe u r doing fine in the warmth of ur family in KB. :)
Comel sgt kamu ni. No need to be down. Hr tu g program, there is one ustaz said, "tiada yg Allah paling sukai melainkan yang wajib. Bukan caranya untuk kita lebihkan yang sunat dan mempermudahkan yang wajib". He said, bukan caranya untuk kita mngabaikan yg wajib spt solat 5 waktu yg x all out tapi melebihkan semangat dalam solat sunat atau amalan2 sunat yang lain. So, no need to be sad for not having the oppurtunities to be like others coz every single thing that happens, there is 1000 of reasons lies behind it ^_^

Pray that whatever happens, we'll always make sure we are in Allah's path and His guidance. Regardless of how much reading have we made. :)

Btw, cant wait to see ur 1st anak sedara! Dont forgot to post pictures nnti. ~_^

Tc! Salam ramadhan n wallahualam

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