exam in 3 days, so i was in the midst of books, lecture notes and mindmaps (new strategy this semester insyaAllah). decided to take a break: 

thought of kakak, have to confirm my flight back to kelantan this summer. tup tup when i called her she was in the middle of a vacation with abe Ammar. *sweet. and with the baby bump growing she still dare to joke around saying she wants to hike Mt Kinabalu.* to kakak who might read this pretty soon: take care. no strenous works please.  

btw, Happy Anniversary to you both.
seriously i forgot. had a great year huh?
praying for many more to come insyaAllah.
*sigh* time flies so fast.

then called abah & mama. told him the latest updates. the decisions being made. abah pesan "do it nicely. be responsible." i will ;) and continuing on about studies. i know that at the back of his mind he's worried of how im managing here. but it's my job to show him that im okay. and that im loving every single changes that is taking place, and every single changes that im planning on taking. 

then i told him about islamic awareness week again. the conversation i had with the mat saleh, then the islam vs atheist debate. and i ended up being amazed (like i always do) with the things that he knew. i do occasionally wonder how does he knew all sorts of things? just by reading? (or what actually did he studied in the States?) nevertheless, have always been proud to call him my Abah.

then Mama stopped the conversation, being the ever so jealous mama in the background. and being her cute self telling me the things that she's planning on doing. she ended the conversation with a soothing support and encouragement for me; for the exams. as well as the other thing. *sigh*

it's a nikmat that i think one usually forgets, or a nikmat that not many people have:

to be able to talk to your parents about every single details of your life.
and getting the absolute support from them. ;)

abah mama..i love you.

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