'pointless'ness :)

found some youtube videos of some brothers in moscow. jealous of the 'sense of artness' that they have within them. so i made one on my own. posted it out on facebook, and to my relief, friends gave encouraging words. *mungkin untuk sedapkan hatikah?* nevertheless, i did have fun trying to do it. it wasn't truly a pointless video like i named it. i did it because i wanted to test my camera, (10 megapixel je..no dslr.sob2) and mainly because i've downloaded a new video software and decided to get myself used to it. (loved pro corel X3, but i have no money to buy it) *tipu. yesterday baru beli cardigans. T,T

note to self: set your priorities straight yan! enjoy. to cool-video-makers-who-might-laugh-at-this, forgive all-things-wrong in this video. (-,-)


Iman K.A said...



"(10 megapixel je..no dslr.sob2)"

ada orang takde camera pun .. :)

dorothy said...

salam. nice try, a good start and insyaAllah u'll improve. mayb getting a tripod helps, a bit ;p

izyan.ariff said...


haha~ iman...
ok2. sy bersyukur :P

jazakillah. heee..dunno if this might be my one & only video. but will try insyaAllah. tripod? with a 8cm-wide digicam, that might seem a tiny bit funny.lol :)
jazakillah for dropping by.

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