Doa, as He Watches Over.

guilt.was the first thing that crosses my mind when i read and watched all the news surrounding my brothers and sisters. 

guilt. for i am one who rarely read the news of what's happening all around. and as i happily came back from an event with fellow friends, at a beautiful place, with great people, with nothing to worry about; i was dragged back down to reality, that in another part of the world, other friends; OUR brothers and sisters; are being scared for their lives. too different. here and there. 

panicked. was the next thing i felt. for two people crossed my mind lastnight. a dear friend, and my bestfriend's sister. one is in Cairo, another in Mansoura. desperate to know where they are. but alhamdulillah, i found out both are safely back in Malaysia. but how about thousands more out there? ya Allah, watch over them. i can only imagine the feelings of those who have family and friends there. Fathiyyah still have hundreds of friends she's worried of right now. Fatin's cousin is still there. :'(

the news are too scary. gunshots everywhere. not enough food. no money. darkness all around. again, i can't imagine.

alhamdulillah. now, evacuation is in action. still, there are problems with evacuating students according to their study-fields. private students are left behind on their own. is it true , or just rumors? pening. :( praying that everything goes accordingly and nobody will be left out. ya Allah, watch over them.  

dear readers, do our part. spread the words. stop spreading angers. i believe everybody is doing their best. and we should do ours too. pray for them. banyakkan Doa. banyakkan solat hajat. Allah is Watching Over them, insyaAllah. 

**life is not just about us.

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fatiN wahaB said...

thank you sayang...
yes my sister is already back in M'sia, alhamdulILLAH alhamdulILLAH, He who arrange things the best of all..
and my cuzs are still there..huhu~ hope everything will go well, for all muslimin mujahideen... ameeen~
It has been forever since Allah takes care of them, now they need to fight for Him, insyaALLAH, we'll wind the end..

izyan.ariff said...

lets pray hard dear.

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