one moment..

one moment, you're with friends reciting the Quran. or done with jemaah prayers. or reading Solusi or Riyadhus Solihin that your parents gave you. or got a very sweet message from your fellow friend wishing you 'selamat berbuka'. or friends reminding you of Him over and over again. or checking out facebook, seeing hadiths on people's status here and there. or checking out cool blogs about how they see the world through kaca mata Islam. and there you are, feeling blissful and content, thanking Him for all these great things HE gives you and Showed you.

the next moment, you bumped into a video. showing an extravagant wedding with people in awe of it, instead of being reminded of a verse from the Quran, [17:27]

Verily spendthrifts are brothers of the Evil Ones; and the Evil One is to his Lord (Himself) ungrateful.

or having bumped into an 'exclusive' malaysian videoclip, very much similar to those in Hollywood. and then finding comments like this, attached to it: 

"All this talks about 'Muslim syarak' , 'x tutup aurat', bla bla bla is humiliating Islam and Malaysia. Dalam video clip ni gua tengok dier pakai baju cam biasa, cam org jln2 gi klua.. Pastu dier main torchlight jadi mcm guard. Rilek ler... itu pun nak kecoh. Lain le kalau di separuh bogel pastu gi romen ngan dak c***y 2, baru le gua naik angin. Lirik pun dia pun cam baik jer...die cakap i like 2 play bukan i like 2 f**k u.... Apadaa... memalukan org mlayu jerr."

and there's people hitting the 'like' button for this comment too. and that's when you realized, you're not in a fairytale. so many things still undone. so many things you'll still have to answer to once you meet Him.

a reminder from a sister caught me this week: 
Jahiliyah tu, semakin organized dan maju everyday. 

so let us pray we wont fall for it, even one bit. 


asmarina said...

yan.. buleh tau 2nd video tuh pasal gapo??

izyan.ariff said...

syg~ cek ur skype kayh? ;)

miera said...

yan,video ap ni??nk taw gop

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