timeless time

i dedicate this post to my sayang:

time. i have learnt my lesson numerous time already that if i had the chance to be involve with any islamic programs i should just grab it. why? because the numerous time i chose other things over it, it would end up with me wasting time or doing things that im not even sure of why im doing it. *ye..sampai tahap itu skali*

a lot of us kept on dwelling to choose between study OR any dakwah event. *maybe not all, but many dwell on it* trust me, the one who's helping us dwelling is nobody else than syaitan, encik merah himself. right when we have the choices to make, encik merah will make us worry and he'll whisper all the cons of going to the dakwah event. And then right when he succeeded in helping us make the 'right' decision, he'll straight away continue making us regret it, when it is too late to change the decision. And by the end of it all, he will laugh at our face (tanpa kita tahu) and said: "sape suruh ikut aku?" - *senang giler keje die*

so what we have to understand is HOW time works. truth is, the time that we have for all the right things - gi tazkirah, usrah, smayang sunat, bace Quran, going for talks on Islam etc - is always enough. these are the time that Allah gave us. it is a Rahmat. it's His Blessings. remember that not all people are given these countless opportunities to join such things. 

then let say IF we go to these programmes, and by the  end of it all, it affect us in one way or another. a simple analogy would be, ~ you have an exam tomorrow. a very difficult one that you havent finished studying yet, but still, knowing it's the right thing, you went for your usrah. then by the end of it all, you were tired to continue studying, thus you did quite badly for your test~ right then and then, encep merah will come and straightaway bisik "tu la..sape suruh pegi usrah. kan da fail exam?"

truth is, the time spent for the usrah is NOT to be BLAMED. but the time spent for other things - berbual dgn kawan for that 10minutes, usya youtube, masuk facebook comment situ sini- are the time that you have spent wrongly, and should have been for your study instead. but we never really realize that. because encik merah is always there to make us forget. and he will make us remember how precious time is, whenever we want to do things that is close to Allah.

reflect. 5minutes of bacaan Quran seems very long. *mind you, tu baru 2 pages. sket kot* but 2 hours of facebooking went by without us even noticing it. my point of this all is, never blame the time spent for HIM. because that is a blessing actually. 

in my case, we have a biochemistry paper the other day, which i havent finished reading. *gara-gara last minute studying. tidak elok untuk dicontohi ok?* yet, all of us still spend the time for usrah that night. what happened then? During the exam, i was very much relaxed. no resah gelisah. that is a feeling He gave me. why? because that night i know i needed Him more than ever. i know i will never finish what i was reading. and i cant memorize all of it. so i need Him. that's why i need to spend some time with Him. (usrah tu la) And i know He was there with me during the exam. mind you, attending the usrah neither makes the questions any easier nor did it made me remember all the things that i should. but the feeling of ease is how i know that He is still with me. it's more than enough right? Alhamdulillah for that. (^,^)

ps: and jangan study last minute. =) *harapan untuk score biochem tak menggunung*

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Fazdlin Rahim said...

encik merah kamu semakin berleluasa dlm blog skrg? hehe. good2.. thancx yan! ^_^
encik merah always have ideas to whisper to us. we'll be strong!

yan, i want to dedicate a song for u..
the title is elaika. go and searched for it in 4shared. it means beauty of Allah. =)

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