a new year, a new start

Kita kadang-kadang selalu tak sedar nikmat yang telah kita peroleh. Unless if we sit down, screw our eyes shut and list them down. But if we really3 knew what they are, it'll be a never-ending one. as for me, last year alone, He gave me so many things. Some i have dreamt of long enough, some i have prayed for, and some that i never thought of. To think that all of it happened in one year, i couldn't believe it. but they did. no words can describe how i feel except, Alhamdulillah. so im taking some time off to reflect. Last year;

You gave me us understanding and faith
You gave us strength to do the right thing
Your Love is what we are all looking for 
now and always

the IB
you gave me more than what i wanted
not just me, but my friends as well 

*graduation IB KMB 07/09*

i dreamt of going there; 
when i was 15, 
i wrote down in my diary,
before i reach 30, i have to be there ONCE. (if i was lucky enough)
then, You invited me even before i reached 20
and not just me, but ALL of the most important people in my life. 

*at masjid Nabawi: umrah family 2009*

it was a stressful time
i pray that You'd take away her sadness
and You did
and gave more

*engagement kakak: 25.07.09*

i dreamt of coming to ireland for many years
once, you made me think that i had to let this dream go
but no, You always had your ways in the end
i guess it was only to give me some lessons and reminders
(not just ireland, you even gave me UCD.hee)

*aidiladha in ireland*
Ar-Rahman: 77-78
"Maka nikmat Tuhan-mu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan? Maha Suci nama Tuhan-mu Pemilik Keagungan dan Kemuliaan"

ps: salam maal hijrah 

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Fazdlin Rahim said...

happy new year yantoes

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