kecik tapi besar

today's meeting had been a very fulfilling one.so i am going to share what we've talked about.

it's basically my own experience. it was the 2nd week of raya, but here, it's actually the second day of raya. so there was a lot of 'open houses' here and there by kakak n abg2 seniors. (they cooked very delicious meals. the abg seniors masak pulut kuning. isk~tercabar diri ini~ kene improve cooking skills up to their level!!) anyway, i experienced two totally different scenes. one: seeing students living in ireland. second: seeing families living in ireland.

basically, at the seniors', we eat separately, and we meet for the sake of well-wishing (in this case hari raya-wishing) to one another. alhamdulillah~ everything was going well. perut kenyang suka hati. then at night, i went along with my friends to a house where basically it was filled with families living in ireland. the menus were great. as well as the people there. they were all nice. it seemed like any 'open houses' i went to back in kelantan. but something made me feel uneasy. there was a session of karoeke-ing. there were newlyweds-with-one-kid there, and they sing. hm..nevermind that. i think they are still very much young, and their old lifestyle is still 'fresh' in their heart. but seeing a makcik (which i presume must already have a cucu) coming, eating, and suddenly singing. hm, that was new to me. i g uess my kelantan up-bringing is different. cause a friend whispered to me, saying that this is actually a very normal thing to do, even in Malaysia. hm..NORM.

well, singing with family~ karoeke-ing etc.. that i heard of. (mind you, i sing along with abah and his guitar every so often) But coming to friends' houses and singing~ and makcik bergelek dangdut? (yes.you read it right.makcik.bergelek dangdut) well, THAT i never knew of~

Another friend of mine, opened up my mind.she shared with me saying, that this is how it usually goes. (for families living overseas) they would gather and really, REALLY have fun. i didnt know that.

anyway, my point is. sometimes, there are things that became a norm, and one might be sneered at or laughed at when they couldn't cope with the norms. but in my opinion, (generally, i'm not just referring to this case) any form of 'kemunkaran', norms or not, you still have to be able to recognize it as a form of kemunkaran. and never let your heart say "it's okay.bende kecik je. everybody does this". because, it MAY seem like a very small issue, but once Allah asks you about it one day, i dont think it will be that small anymore. dont you think?


~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam ziarah dari Pak Karamu

sisfas said...

sangat setuju.

norm = humans create it

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