mind rant #13: unta

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

i'm not really sure if this is real, but it's cute!

medicine rotation is starting off with a 'kura-kura' pace (i'm not complaining, really). you spend about half the day at the theatres, standing behind the anesthetist, letting him tell you whatever it is he wants to tell you, most of the time understanding only half of what they are saying, and noting the key-words with some mental note to look it up back home. (*roll eyes* i ended up in bed straight away by 9pm)

and today i was a bit 'free' so i ended up meeting Mrs CB with pika back in college to address our 'issues'. truthfully, it's something that's been bothering us for the whole 12 weeks we had since last September. but we persevere back then. coming back again for another 12-weeks-long roller-coaster ride of MedSurg is somewhat rather depressing at the moment. so with some dose of self-diagnosed exaggerated  depression, i decided to make an effort. at least address the problem. if they can't really do anything about it, then at least we have made an effort of trying to fix things up.

so along the way to UCD, we were encouraging one another. pika kept reminding to reset our intentions a.k.a betulkan niat. while i was trying to justify what we were trying to do: unta.

i remembered one hadith (albeit vaguely), that in the concept of tawakkal = redha to whatever happens, leaving things to Allah to decide what's best for you, you still have to make an effort. you don't just leave your unta around for Allah to keep watch, but you tie it first to the tree, then pray that Allah keep watch. because tawakkal comes with usaha (effort). and that, is exactly what we did today. the problems aren't solved yet really, and may never be, but like what AbahMama reminded me in the phone before i left off;

"yan buat apa yan patut buat. in the end hati orang-orang tu Allah yang pegang.
Allah might change them or may not. so yan kena redha that it's the best.
janji you make your effort."
(note: they speak Kelate+english)

i'm done with my effort for the time being. and the relief of laying things off your chest is somewhat satisfactory.

"..Dan jika kamu mempunyai azam, maka bertawakkallah kepada Allah, 
sesungguhnya Allah mencintai orang-orang yang bertawakkal. 
Jika kamu ditolong oleh Allah, maka tidak akan ada yang mampu 
mengalahkan dan menghinakan kamu. 
Maka, siapakah yang dapat menolong kamu setelah (pertolongan) Allah? 
Dan kepada Allahlah orang-orang yang beriman hendaknya bertawakkal." 
[3: 159-160]

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