mind rant #9

this will be a real one. i'll let words flow out of my congested brain.

**Demi Masa**
it's amazing how time is just another 'makhluk'. something that lives, something that exists with us. and it has never yet change it's ultimate purpose; which is to leave us behind. to never wait nor stop. and we, the one at fault, will always find ourselves chasing time. Allahu Allah. letih. i've always ended up with the same conclusion over and over again. "i wish i had more time."

to call abah and mama. 
to make a decision. 
to study hard. 
to read the Quran. 
to choose wisely. 
to blog and to remind! 
to do something i enjoy.
to do anything i want, for as long as i want.
without the guilt. without the pressure.

but that's not how Time works. and it's scary really. to think that we are accountable for all the time spent. and for all the time wasted. if we think of it that way then maybe having a lot of time is not such a good thing huh?

i find it very interesting, that Allah put me in a state of uncertainty, and yet, throws so many certain things my way; knowing that i can never really choose them. 

they say that for every situations that Allah put us in, it is because Allah wants to build our akhlak inside. i was initially wondering what Allah wanted to 'plant' in me. then finally the answer came, it was sabar.  and i guess when this uncertainty ends, it will definitely change to something else later on. oh well, i just hope i reach His Expectations. semoga menjadi hamba yang lebih sabar. Aamiin. :)

we all know that the ultimate aim in life is to seek His Redha. we all are seekers of His Redha. and interestingly, one of the path involves us doing the same thing; redha dengan ketetapan Allah. and how do this actually works? some said it's when we accept whatever our fates are. menerima Qada' dan Qadar. 

and looking around me, i guess i'm learning a thing or two about this;
that Redha is not just through words; "Aku Redha."
it's when our amal and our hearts are. 

gembira; friends are graduating kiri dan kanan; and thus those wedding invitations are following closely behind. it's that time of the year again :) Alhamdulillah~ (and oh, sedikit jealous.heheh)
but as the common saying goes: "grass is always greener on the other side."

dan akhirnya saya bimbang;
seeing others being caught up with friends who are getting married. when they are no longer seeing things beyond. moping around that they are not married, while others are. and seeing marriage as just another solution for a problem that we have; of being lonely and takut jadi andartu. hadoy. =,=''
focusing on marriage as if it's the only source of Chenta in this world;

marriage is not a solution,
it's a responsibility.

menjadi isteri yang taat; 
rather simply said, but definitely not an easy task.
we all are ready for the white weddings, the bouquets, the hantaran, the flower girls etc.
but are we really ready for all the other things?

the small bickering in the future;
the smelly clothes he threw your way;
the broken kitchen sink that is still not fixed;
the day that he forgot your own anniversary;
the day you're so sad you just want a hug, and all he does is watch football.

how sure are we that we can handle all these in the most appropriate-'isteri-yang-taat' way?
tepuk dada, tanya iman. :)

it's the best feeling in the world. knowing that there is Allah;
who listens to every word you say;
who understand every feelings you feel;
who can solve every single problems that you have;
who Knows what is best for you, and what is not.

tak cukup lagi kah?

end of mind rant.
reminders to self first and foremost insyaAllah.
ps: i've been busy. :P
mohon doa. that Allah Eases my path.
jazakumullah~ :)

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