my cutie pie

before i came back to Dublin the other day;
i was flipping through her album when she was small;
and i realized  that for a baby girl, she sure does smile a whole lot! 
showing her jagged teeth that we used to call 'popcorn' hahah :)

today she's already 16.
*time flies*

grow up beautifully sayang.
be a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend;
a good muslimah.
you're always in kak yan's doa.
ps: and you'll always be our Baby Lin.

*big bearly hugs and wet drooling kisses mwahaha*


kakak said...

sometimes, i get confused looking at both your pictures when u two were small,like, "eh yan ke lin ni..?" tp lin's got abe's eyes..haha!

izyan.ariff said...


heheh :) lin muka che mama kot. ngehee~

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