mind rant 8#: Lucky Charm


sometimes we don't need big things to happen to us, in order for us to feel lucky. it's always the little things; when we put all of them together, we'd realize that we have a Lucky Charm dangling at our wrist. at least for now, that's almost what i feel like. :)

Case 1
this year, our university is trying it's best in making sure that us Malaysians are not together. we're in different groups, different rotations, different places. tsk tsk. they worked hard. that's how it has been even years back, really. as much as i believe that we all need to be 'international'; mixing and mingling with everyone; one should know that it is rather tiring trying to 'bend like the mat saleh'. =,='' 

in order for you to mix around, you just have to understand their culture, their background, where they are coming from. and one can only do so much. it's not really a matter of not being able to converse with them, it's just a matter of keeping up with them. the topic of conversation is always just...tiring. still, it's not all the time that it's like this. plus we have to understand that they too are younger than us, less exposed to the world outside and just a bit oblivious to the real world; so there's only so much that you can expect. (ceh..macam lah matured sangat Malaysians ni.hehe)

anyway, looking from the Lucky Charm's perspective; despite UCD's effort to separate us all, i was thrown to the peripheral hospital with another Malaysian being. alhamdulillah! little things that one should always be thankful of. with less things to worry about. 

Lucky Charm, huh? :)

Case 2
in my last post, i rambled about my 'lost & found' portion of life. so i recently lost a pouch filled with my necessities from cash to bankcards to important receipts. and Alhamdulillah, with prayers (directly or indirectly), that episode ended with a happy ending. just like the ones before. less than 3 days later, it was safely back in my hands. haih~ 

Lucky Charm, huh? :)

Case 3
we had a very long Friday yesterday. from studies, to tutorials, to lectures. and we cycled here and there, back and forth. and we ended our day with Ijlis Binaa Nu'min Sa'ah (duduk sebentar, beriman sejenak) a.k.a berBulatan Gembira. and after a very long one, we cycled back in the very cold freezing night air, going uphill and downhill, very close to having a severe asthma attack; to the comfort of home.

anyways; after settling down; i suddenly remembered i left my handphone! i was rummaging through my bag to confirm it, and then, as if on cue, the doorbell rang. :) at that moment, i just knew that it'd be my phone (metaphorically-speaking) at my door. and yes, through the door was the smiling face of my kakak usrah, who came with a car, thankfully. (hehe. menyusahkan orang la yan oi), and she happily passed my phone to a very mesmerized-lost-for-words me. Allah is truly truly truly Great!

Lucky Charm, huh? :)


these are just some of the little things that happened to me that one would say as being 'Lucky'. but i beg to differ; because Lucky is not something that exists in a Muslim's world, setuju?

here's one of the photos coming from one of my favourite facebook Page; KhadimulQuran; that explains Luck as what it truly is;


Allah's Will. it's rather a simple concept that one should grasp as part of our Iman. because with Allah's Will, we have Qada' and Qadar. we believe in Qada' and Qadar. Redha dengan Qada' and Qadar.

"senang lah cakap Redha. benda best jadi sape tak Redha."

well that's because i just chose to share those little happy things in my life; which definitely doesn't mean i don't face any hampeh (sad) things along the way. 

anyhow; happy or hampeh; either way they all happen with Allah's Will. so it all really goes back to how our mind works. and how our Heart works. if we all believe in Allah's Will, then we can easily accept that anything good or bad happens for a reason. anything good or bad are all the same; tests to see if we would go back to Him. Faith in Qada' and Qadar.; it's one of those pillars of Iman, that we have always known, but needs constant reminding, over and over and over again.

so are they all the works of my Lucky Charm?
nah~ i call it; Allah's Will. :)

and some verses to kick things in the head, aite?

"Sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan segala sesuatu menurut ukuran." 
[Al-Qamar: 49] 

"Dan tidak ada sesuatu pun melainkan pada sisi Kami-lah khazanahnya, 
dan Kami tidak menurunkannya melainkan dengan ukuran tertentu." 
[Al-Hijr: 21]


ps: i've been postponing a post since weeks back. but my impromptu posts kept coming first.haih~ need to finish that one soon and share some deep thoughts. doakan! :)


Anonymous said...

yup..we (muslim) di ajar untuk beriman pada qada & qadar illahi..how? mulailh segala perlakuan dgn bismillah and end up with alhamdulillah. Kita melihat ianya mudah tapi sukar sebenarnya bila kita 'terlupa'.

..basahilh mulut kita dengan melisani + beramal dgn perbuatan pada sunnah Baginda Saw. istiqamah dgnnya.

diri ini yng menulis juga sgt lemah.doakan semua muslim :)

izyan.ariff said...

to anonymous:

Jazakumullah for ur words of wisdom. (got the feeling it's the same person from before? forgive me if it's not.:)

liked that point. benda yg simple lah yg selalu kita lupa. baca '3 Qul' sebelum tidur pun belum tentu istiqamah. =,="

Aamiin. semoga u, me and all Muslims will be able to do so; insyaAllah :)

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