the Likes.


Facebook introduced us to a new trend. the Like trend. when Like can actually be what it literally means, and can also be so different that it somehow lead you to go reading between the lines (or between the alphabets in this case. heh)

we hit the button when we find ourselves laughing at some lame jokes, some 9Gags, some funny pictures, some funny quotes, or any funny status posted in facebook.

we hit that button when we find ourselves genuinely feeling grateful or thankful towards something. a soothing message, a birthday wish or any wishes for any matter.

we hit the button when we see anything cute, or pretty or calming. anything that somehow makes the corner of our mouth twitch; when somewhere deep inside we just feel good about them things.

we hit the button when we find ourselves so touched, so affected by the message behind all those things posted. be it a movie, or a clip, or a picture, or a status. 

and we even hit it unconsciously most of the time (in my case that's what happened). but that Like button can be used for all the wrong reasons too.

when we want others to hit the Like button;
wanting them to Like our pictures, acknowledging how fun our life is, how great our vacation has been, how beautiful we have looked in that event, how macho we have dressed that night, how delicious the food we ate, how great we are at cooking, how great we are at anything that we do etc. (excluded are cases where you want to sell things of course. :P) somehow wanting those Likes, reading into them as being compliments to what we did, how we look etc.

it's wrong when we want others to hit the Like button;
letting them people acknowledge how smart we are in our way of thinking, or how cool we are at giving thoughts on issues, or how  intelligent we are in handling criticism in the public eye; yes perhaps most of our intention is to convey the messages, the thoughts; but maybe deep down there is that tiny little voice that yearns for people to acknowledge us instead of just the message.

though these thoughts insyaAllah are not always there, or haven't been in our heads at all (alhamdulillah). i guess it's not wrong to remind ourselves once in a while when we decide to hit that Like button, or wanting that button to be hit; because our intention might have just deviate along the way.

"seriously? benda ni pun nak kena fikir ke?
Like button je pun. kecoh gi*err.."
kecoh? maybe. over-thinking? mungkin. 
not too big of a deal? hmm. but i'm reminded of this when i'm saying all these. 

Tiada siapa mampu menghitung sebagaimana perhitungan Allah.
Perhitungan Allah sangat tepat. Tidak akan terlepas daripada Allah walau perkara sebesar zarah.

“Barangsiapa yang mengerjakan kebaikan seberat zarah, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan)nya.

Dan barangsiapa yang mengerjakan kejahatan sebesar zarah, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan)nya pula.”

Surah Al-Zalzalah ayat 7-8.

why am i writing about this?

because i cant help and wonder, for those who Liked every single thing that they see, is it genuinely coming from the heart? are those things likeable enough that you just have to hit that button every so often? are we really Liking things bacause of the message behind it, or is it because we just want others to acknowledge our existence? if it's the latter, then i suggest we should rethink of what our intentions are. especially when it involves the opposite sex. 

just my 2 cents.

yours truly.
sorry for reading too deep into things. heh ;)


Pisey said...

I met a little baby girl of 4-months old. Pipi macam dalam gambar ni tapi mata dia sepet tanpa garis kelopak yang timbul macam mata saya. Funny it is. Lawan tenung muka, dia duk main genggam tangan saya. She's on her mother's lap atas sofa, saya duk menyibuk sebelah atas lantai. Cucu kawan baik ayah. Tangan tak larat/gagah mana nak dukung, ada haritu akan barang berat sangat, duk lenguh kebas lagi.

The thing is, masa kecik mata saya tak sepet pung. Now, nati baby ni besar mato dio segaris ko? Hahaha. Sleepy yang amat muko dio jadi, mugo sepet yang amaaatt with two verybig cheeks!

Oke tu je. I know you are still in a babymania mood. Haha.

izyan.ariff said...

sang ku sayang <3

yes deary im very much in boolat-maniac mood. nk kutip semua baby boncet ats dunie ni n peluk dgn ganas. sobs~

i miss my little boolat so much. ade that slight pang of sadness everytime tgk pics. knowing how much i missed out. tmbh2 duk bace pasal paeds loni. huhu~~

cepat kawen sang. i wanna play with ur baby. ngeee~

Anonymous said...

one thing: bersangka baik lah anda. wlpn se simple like button. perhaps their like is from deep down of their heart. perhaps de one who posted their thought is to make de other wiser, and not for showing off? who r we to judge?

just my 2cents. :)

izyan.ariff said...

to anon:

jazakumullah. T,T
i might have been carried away when i wrote this post. and have been too narrow-minded to focus on kes-kes terpencil. =,=''

as the 'like' button brings 'fitnah' to the ones involved. i guess we just have to be a tad bit careful with them. isk.

again. jazakumullah :) teguran-teguran is very much welcomed. T,T

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