a woman's heart

*will totally do this kind of photoshoot. pakai jubah. comel T,T*

bumped into this quote last month or so.

 "A woman's heart should be so hidden in God 
that a man has to seek Him just to find her." 
Max Lucado

beautifully said.
and to think that this quote was coming from a non-Muslim.
how can he not know Islam, yet is able to say such beautiful words?
how can he not know Islam, yet he's able to put us women on a very high pedestal?
it must be fitrah.


the best of relationships;
is when Allah is watching over it.
from start till the very end.
and the best starting point is always istikharah kan?

prayers to all of you out there.
may you find your right ones;
through Him.

yours truly,


Anna Matt Cobb said...

Girl, I miss you.

Rindu nak sambung konversasi macam-macam hal dan perkara kasi lebih berjela-jela dengan solusinya sekali. Dah habis sesi belajar ni memang buat banyak fikir masa depan (quoted:kahwin).

And I, now kind of believe that I won't be getting married pretty soon. Walaupun selama ni padahal hari-hari duk tergedik-gedik nak kahwin macam the other girl (quoted:b). Kehkeh.

izyan.ariff said...

to sang syang ;)

always liked it. when a fren leave a note, and u just sengih sorg2 depan lappy. shows how dearly i treasure that friend. *ouh.romantis*

time flies.soon enuf ill be back there in kelate iA. n kite bleh smbg konversasi2 kite. am planning to have those smp tue2. tgk how the topics change. keje, nk kawen, kawen, babies, anta ank skolh, hehehe.

see who goes first. ape2 pn, spe yg kawen dulu kne jadi matchmaker shbt2 comels yg len. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Mne U dpt gmbr tu , pleaseee ,
I nak bole ?
Tell me ^^

izyan.ariff said...

to anonymous:

comel kn? hehe.
i bumped into it dlm FB.
so wen i decided to write this, i just googled it. *tried many diff keywords too.hehe*

i didnt save the original link. huhu~ i think u can just download from here kot. *will try n look for it again iA*

... said...


haha.. I posted a similar quote years back too! Awesome kan!

Haha, yeah jubah's a great idea.. Thanks for the giveaway darl~ ^.~

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