Of Keeping Silent and L.O.L.ing

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i should be sleeping. because i've got tons to study. and there's only a few days left. but no, im here again, in this blog of mine. *haih* i came across a situation today (more like read things off facebook). i had the urge to write back then, but i thought that i might as well keep it till after the exam. 

but it might slip my mind. so here goes.


Facebook. we all know about the Home page. where people's updates are all there for you to see. some will catch your eye, most will not. it's also where people show of their PDA (read: public display of affection), and we all would be so annoyed of having to read or see all the mushy things. but that was back then, when most of us didn't know about the Hide buttons.

where am i going at this again? ugh. sorry. blame the drugs and hormones that im confused about just hours ago. so back to my story. today a person shared a video on her/his wall. from the looks of it, seems like a typical "saya-nak-ajar-orang-pakai-selendang" tutorial video. come to think of it, i really don't quite know why i clicked it. it was more of a reflex.

so the video was made by a Muslim Malay girl. and yes, i do agree that hers was quite different from others. different as in totally different. it was not even a tutorial selendang whatnot video. and yes, she has a very 'unique' personality too i should say. maybe not one that can blend in with us typical beings. =,='' 

truthfully, when i watched it, my only conclusion was; "adoihh..." that's it. i have no desire whatsoever to comment about how she looks, what she says, or how she speaks. because, the fact is, there is no substance in it. and why would we busy ourselves to discuss about it? unless of course we want to really advise her, then please do so. but of all the comments in youTube, none of them was even close to nice. some tried, but it was only a mask of introduction, because in the end what they wanted to do was just bash her.

yes, there were some wrong things in the video that we all can reflect upon. but what frustrate me the most was the comments in facebook; on the wall of the one who posted the video in the first place. i thought it was their friend or something. but no, they were just sharing it for fun. posting it on facebook, so that you could bash about some random girl with your friends? astaghfirullah. 

LOLing here. 
LOLing there. 
making fun of everything. 
as if they are the cool ones.

at that point, whatever the girl in the video did, is nothing compared to what all these people did. they might think that they are better than her, because that's why they are laughing and bashing about her together; publicly in facebook. but in my eyes (if not in His Eyes), the bashing ones were all downgrading themselves, with every hateful comment they made, jokingly or not.

it's one thing to talk bad about people who did bad things to us,
(not to say that it's right because it's still wrong)
but it's a totally different thing to talk bad about people who have nothing to do with our lives.

there should always be a clear cut, with how you handle what others have done wrong. but one thing for sure, you dont go telling others about it, embarrassing the guilty ones; who may not even know what they did wrong. but one thing that we all know for sure, is that it's wrong to go parading about others' flaws and faults... as if we dont have any. =,=''

our Deen has always laid down the basics to how we handle someone's obvious wrongdoings; 

Rasulullah Saw besabda,

“Barangsiapa di antara kamu melihat kemungkaran, maka hendaklah ia mengubah dengan tangannya. 

Maka barangsiapa tidak mampu (mengubah dengan tangannya), 
hendaklah ia mengubah dengan lisannya, 
dan barangsiapa tidak mampu (mengubah dengan lisannya), 
hendaklah ia mengubah dengan hatinya,
tetapi yang demikian itu adalah selemah-lemah iman”

 (HR Muslim).

but if we cant seem to follow these beautiful steps;
then i suggest we all do this;

found on this link

keep silent.
way better than Laughing Out Loud about others.
because we are no better than them.

i'll end today's post with:
astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah.

May He Forgives;
you and me,
for our Unrealized Sins.


yours truly,
reminding others while reminding myself.


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mashaAllah, your pictures on this blog are mostly uh-may-zing! hee.. ;)

... said...

Ahh, browsing here makes me realise I have much to learn in improving my writings! With His Guidance, iA. =)

izyan.ariff said...


one of the things i like about blogging, is looking for the right pictures. and pretty ones lah jgk kan.

go to the links. i found one web that have the prettiest of all. geram rasa nk post sume. somtimes i feel like writin anthing in here so that i can post those pics. heheee

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