as we are all striving to study for exams (note: specifically those in UCD, TCD and Galway) or doing anything that we are doing for that matter, how about we strive harder for our amal too shall we?

im pretty sure eeeevryone (note the pronounciation) knows how special Muharram is. and im veeeery sure that everyone is making the best out of this special month that Allah gave us; be it puasa, be it extra Quran recitals, be it more solat sunat. anything that we can think of. and so i thought of putting up a very cute picture of a too-adorable-looking-hungry-bunny with a quick reminder of the 2 super duper special days this month :)

i'm quoting all these from a book. insyaAllah no wrong infos there. but if there are, then do let me know. =,='

Hari Tasu'a' (9 Muharram)
Hari Asyura (10 Muharram)

"Jika aku masih hidup sehingga tahun depan, 
aku akan berpuasa pada hari ke-9 (Muharram)
[riwayat Muslim dari Ibnu Abbas]

ketika ditanya Abu Qatadah mengenai puasa hari Asyura,
Rasulullah SAW menjawab;

""Akan digantikan kejahatan-kejahatan pada tahun sebelumnya,
dengan kebaikan (kerana amalan puasa itu)"
[riwayat Muslim dari Abu Qatadah]

-quoting from the book too, disunatkan untuk solat sunat 4 rakaat on Hari Asyura-

well, praying that our focus on exams doesn't deter us from focusing on our iman & amal. so people; 

YOSH  kite puasa!

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