hari ni

lawa tarikh die. idaman semua yang nak kawin. me too. tapi, da terlepas nampaknya.nak buat camne...hehe..
but it's just a date. what's more important is how much you prepared yourself to face marriage, not weddings. ok. enough about that.

because it's a special date, 
i thought of making something special too.

it's a part of my hobby actually, 
and i realized last year that this hobby of mine can make others happy insyaAllah.

sometimes, if you do things for the right reasons, it makes all things worthwhile.

but im writing this in here because im worried. 
that my intention went astray. 
things done for the right reasons are blissful, 
but deadly for the wrong reasons. 

so im praying again that i did it with ikhlas insyaAllah.

i hope they're happy.

cuz i am.


ps: video boleh dicek kat facebook.
bertajuk 'hanyut'
for girls only of course. :)


miera said...

apekah hobby itu??hehe
*cbuk jer nk taw*....kekeke

izyan.ariff said...

hehehe~weh. nti yan tag.hehehe :) ull know soon. smoge anda suke ;)

izyan.ariff said...

ciss syg~ da like ku nampak. haha~ sori td nk tag org pn sebenrnye malu2. tag sket2. pastu tag org hok like..ngee :)

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