6 oktober 2010

i'm 20+1 now.

my prayers?
ive told this to some people before;
but im gonna write about it again in here. (hehe)

another year adds up.
and i know that im literally closer to Him,
cuz my time is nearing.

but at the same time,
i am wishing that im closer to Him.
hoping that by the last year that i have,
it would be the year that im closest to Him.

as much as i know that there are so much
that i should be reflecting on,
that there's still so much i'll be facing ahead,
i still cant help being so happy today

happy that the night before,
and tonight as well.
just reading the well-wishes from friends all around
*i know everyone in this world had the experience*
but i am truly deeply happy seeing others taking their time
to make me happy with simple words :P
not to mention ade orang buat video
love that soooo much!

happy that i was woken up by 4 beautiful sisters
very early in the morning
(well, maybe not so early)
with a big chocolate cake for my breakfast
*kesian datang jauh-jauh pagi-pagi*
love you dearies.
ps: sorang lambat sikit.haha
btw, choc cake habis in one day!

happy that at class, a very nice friend,
manage to bake a very yummy blueberry cheesecake,
for both birthday girls (today and yesterday's birthday girl)

happy that one of my besties came by.
(thankfully RCSI decided to give some time off for the 2nd years)
and gave me roses!!
*really love floweeerrrrsss*
~ehm, note to my future-hubby; whoever you are~

happy that friends sweetly took some time off.
(a lot of time off)
and drop by our little house,
and played a very cool game together!
(i think that was one of the most extreme games
i had tried in my life.heheh)

happy that as tired as we are from the game,
we all still manage to prepare some food for them
alhamdulillah balik semua nampak kenyang.
sorry makan nasi goreng je.wuwu

and last but not least,
received a very sweet gift from my sayangs..
love you housemates
all of them reluctantly got a free peck on the cheek from me
and went "euuuuuwww" when i did it
i dont care. lalala :)

it had been a very long day.
but one of the best birthdays i had too.

im happy.
thank You for blessing me with this happy feeling.
still scared that i might have gone a bit astray for being too happy today.
but still hoping it's all a gift from You.

ya Allah,
forgive me for the things ive done wrong in my 21 years.
bless me for the years to come
bless us all with iman and taqwa
for that is all that matters in the end.

to all.
i humbly hope that you'd pray that i'll be a better person 
with each and everyday passing by.

with that.
jazakumullah khairan kathira.

to You ya Allah, please be with me through and through,
like You have done so for the past 21 years.
ameen ameen ya Rabb.

pembesaran.same lagi tak eh?heheh
rase sgt tua.isk isk


thuraiya said...

yan da nampak mcm kakak yan da :))..growing old..getting more..better miss u dear :)

mAsHiMaRo said...

hepi besday schoolmate!!
may allah bless u:)

kakak said...

i'm so glad u're enjoying ur special day.it's nice to have wonderful friends around,innit?

take care ok syg.
dah besar adik kakak nie.. :')

izyan.ariff said...

to mami:
hehe..ye ke? huhu..we all are kan? closer to our end. mintak2 diberkati iA :)

heeee...jazakillah nik! :)
thanx sudi drop by.hehe..

veryyyy...miss home so much thou.
haha..the picture must have triggered you..wuwu.
mis u so much kakak. take care plis~

k.ninie said...

yan..happy belated birthday...muaahhh...

izyan.ariff said...

kak ninie~ jazakillah~ take care of urself! muah~~

budak said...

yannnn...... tersentuh bace.. huu..
doakan pengakhiran hidup kita adalah amal yg terbaik, ibadah yg terbaik, pengabdian yg terbaik :)

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