The Arrivals

I've heard of The Arrivals countless time already. I've watched some of it. *i admit that this series is truly a wake-up project for us* And i even had the chance to discuss about it, even though i truthfully don't know much about it. everytime i watched one, i would always end up promising myself that i will try and watch the whole series to understand them. 

but being a human being, who have always succumbed to Mr Merah's whispers, i ended up watching grey's anatomy, or any korean dramas instead. 

Alhamdulillah, today ive started watching the series accordingly. With the hope in my heart, that this series will do nothing more than to strengthen my iman, help me understand and be ready, for this crazy world that i'm living in.

well, as the saying goes;

better late than never right? 


Jihani Azhar said...

salam. i found this thread quite informative: http://www.carigold.com/portal/forums/showthread.php?t=89241

after The Arrival, the thread gave me a better understanding about this whole Illuminati, Freemason thing. :)

Wan Pai said...

cite apekah??

izyan.ariff said...

jihani: thank you dear. ill try and hav a look at it once ive finished digesting the series. =)

pai: huhu. if nk xplain in here surely pnjg, plus yan tadop much knowledge lagi psl ni. but try and hav a look kat website die. yan dh ltop link. nti check out videos die. but i think it's fair to say that the series is about revealing what kind of world and society that we're living in. tgk series tu, doesnt necessarily mean we have to believe evry single thing. but it's enough that die leh wat kte pkir insyaAllah.

ps: tgk ngn hati. shuh2. gi tgk.hehe =)

nieeyz said...

1st time tgk dlu, knowing tht our world is actually under their cntrl..huu~~goosebumps!

dlu blog neh byk jgk talk about freemnson, illuminiti etc..but now some said this blog is banned.mybe jgk d heck. hlg terus.sbbnya.. who knows.. google ni pn milik mereka..huhu..~

izyan.ariff said...

yup2. everytime tgk. everytime goosebumps dear. *takut. tp Allah ado.so strength iA ado lg*

hm. obvious kan? haih..thanx for the input cyg. =)

Wan Pai said...

bminat nk tgk..[klo ad masa].. huu~~

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